Grey Herringbone Vest

9:22 AM

I've never been a huge vest person... but I also don't think I'd ever tried one on before. Vests are becoming more and more popular on the daily. I kept seeing pictures of other bloggers wearing them, and so many of the shops I follow selling them. I found this adorable GREY herringbone vest at Jaceylane and fell in love with it. When it arrived, I was SO excited to try it on. It was so comfortable and my boyfriend LOVED it on me. He just kept telling me how cute I looked and how much he loved the vest. Great purchase then, eh?! I'll say. ;) I love this thing. And it's so easy to pair with many different outfits. I'll have to do another blog post on several ways to style this vest, because why not? It's adorable. Jaceylane also has it in black and white, and I totally want the white one. It's dang cute.

Get yourself a vest to try this fall and see how you like it! I guarantee you'll enjoy it more than you thought you would. They're also a great way to start learning how to nail those fall layers everyone loves and craves. 

(They're doing maintenance on their site, BOO! So I'd go into one of their several Utah locations to pick yourself up a pair of these booties. Also keep your eyes peeled on Groopdealz and Jane, because they often put their shoes up on both of those sites!)

Jeans: love these & these

Photography by: TruArt Photography

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