Maxi Cardigan Love

4:59 PM

LADIES!! I have found THE best, softest, coziest, cutest maxi cardigan EVER!! And... it's from one of my favorite online boutiques, Jaceylane. AND it's only $25! I'm not kidding when I say it's the best cardigan I've ever purchased. It really is! Plus, have you seen how cute it is?! You could seriously pair it with SOO many things and it is perfect for fall! It also comes in grey.. so I'm thinking I need to get myself one. I've already worn my black one like 50 times! (Okay, okay.. not really 50. I haven't had it that long. But I do want to wear it every single day.. do you think people will notice?? Hopefully not! ;) haha But I am wearing it right now!) I wish that I could send you the fabric through my computer so you could feel the thing, it's soo comfy. Promise you won't regret getting one (or two) for yourself. :)

Umm, BY the way... look at those freakin boots?! Are they not adorable?? My sister brought them home from a shopping trip and I nearly died when I saw them. She let me borrow them for this shoot, but I'm seriously running to the store to pick up a pair, AND they come in black too. I fully plan on purchasing both colors. I have a shoe problem, it's fine. 

(They're doing maintenance on their website.. totally lame. So I'd RUN into your nearest Utah store!)


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Denim - love these & these

Lipstick is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Copenhagen'.

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