Green Polka Dot Skirt

3:20 PM

I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE wearing dresses skirts, especially in the Spring and Summer time! I am just not the biggest fan of pants honestly, I feel much more comfortable and "myself" in skirts and dresses! Plus they're so feminine and pretty, what's not to love?! 

I found this great little Instagram shop called @posey_and_pence, where you just leave your size and email address below the picture of the item you want, and she emails you an invoice! How great is that?! It's also fabulous because she brings in the cutest items, items I see all over the place on insta at other boutiques, but for a wayy cheaper price! It's awesome! I've purchased so many things from her already, and only haven't liked one dress. (because the fit is just awful on me!) :( Anywho, that's where I got this skirt from! I actually bought it in a bundle of 3 adorable skirts for like $50 bucks. SCORE! 

It is HOT here in St. Geezy now, bring on the SUMMER! What fun plans do you guys have this Summer? Any awesome vacations?? Tell me all about them! 

xo, Heather

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