Zak Detox Deoderant

12:22 PM

I was approached by ZAK Body Care a couple months ago and they asked if I'd like to try their new deodorant product. After researching them a bit and learning more about their products, I agreed to test it out! Zak Detox Deodorant is made with all natural and organic ingredients! This is the biggest reason I was excited to give it a try. I love finding all natural products that I know aren't going to harm my body in any way. This deodorant is also aluminum, cruelty, GMO, and paraben FREE! How great is that?! Absolutely NO harmful ingredients, and their scented flavors (Elevate & Energize) are made with essential oils. 

I tried the "Elevate" scent which is typically most popular for women. Using ingredients such as Sage, Rose Geranium, and Vanilla for its scent. It smells so yummy! The "Energize" scent is made with Scotch Pine, Fir Balsam, and Vetiver. Although I have not yet smelled this, I am sure it's just masculine and delicious. ;) They also have "Unscented" for those of you who'd prefer that.

I tested my deodorant for the first time when going on a hike here in St. George with our best friends who were in town visiting. We did the Anasazi Petroglyphs hike and it was SO beautiful. It's a pretty easy hike too, so you can take your little ones along. :) I was impressed that my Zak deodorant stayed fresh and smelling nice the entire hike. With regular deodorant I usually can't smell the scent after a short period of time. But ZAK kept me feeling fresh and clean the whole way through. I was quite happy!

If you are a lover of natural products or not, I'd recommend giving this Zak Detox Deodorant a try! See how you like it and decide for yourself if you want to make the switch! 

Xo, Heather

Aust and I with our very tiny Kloee baby. We had only had her for about a week at this point, and was only 8-9 weeks old!

Me, Kloee, Austin, Jake and Jenna Rose
(I've been best friends with Jenna since 8th grade! About 10 years now! Crazy how fast time flies by, but I'm so grateful for her friendship. We love hanging out with these guys! Can't wait for that sweet baby boy in there to make his debut into the world!)

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