Oatmeal Cardi

4:25 PM

Soo.. Target is one of my favorite places to shop. And I only just discovered this a few months ago. Crazy, right? A friend of mine came down to visit for a weekend and opened my eyes to the magical and wonderful world of Target. Now I'm addicted and I pretty much can't walk out empty handed. Haha For Christmas my boyfriend had me fill up a shopping cart at Target, then asked me to wait by the exit while he picked which of it he wanted to get me. That way he knew it'd be stuff I loved but it was still surprise to me! I got so many cute cardigans around Christmas time, one of them being the oatmeal cardi pictured. :) Moral of the story... GO TO TARGET! ;)

Happy February! Hope you all have a wonderful month. 

Xo, Heather

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