Green Sweater

4:56 PM

I love adding sweaters to basically any outfit in the colder months. They keep you warm and LAYERS, duh. Layering makes any outfit look more expensive or more put-together. ALWAYS, ALWAYS LAYER!! It doesn't have to be a sweater... rings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, scarves.. are all layers. You decide what you like to wear, and start adding layers one by one and see how your outfit game changes! :)

I can't believe we are nearing FEBRUARY already!! Like, it's almost Valentine's Day! What are your plans? I threw an "I hate Valentine's Day" Party for a couple years which was really fun! We'd get a group of our girlfriends together and go to a movie then have desserts and a pinata at one of our houses. It was a blast! But now I just enjoy snuggling up and spending the day with my babe and whatever he has planned for us! :)

(Use code "heatherchic" for 50% your order, putting each pair at only $5!!)

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