Fall Trends Link Up - Week 5 - Long Cardigan

11:28 AM

Hi friends! This week's Fall Trend focus is Long Cardigans! I was so excited for this week, because long cardigans are seriously one of my favorite staple pieces. I LOVE this black speckled one I found at Season's Ash. Karina, the owner, has THE CUTEST stuff! I'm obsessed with almost everything she's got in her shop, so you can expect to see a lot more Season's Ash here on Heathered Hearts. She's a pretty new company, so make sure you go follow her and show some love! I was introduced to her shop through the Silver Lake "Out of the Woods" collaboration I was a part of a few weeks ago. The white lace maxi dress that Shelby wore, is from her shop! (Which I actually ordered and am waiting for.. SO beautiful!) So you definitely won't be disappointed if you go give her a follow and support her shop. Although, you may go broke from all the cute stuff- fair warning. ;)

Also, let's just talk about these pink tennies for a minute.. are they not the cutest?? And guess, what? They're actually quite comfortable too. Guess what else?? They're only TWENTY dollars! Yep, you heard that right.. RUN to the site and get yourself some. I've worn them I'm pretty sure every. single. day since I picked them up last Thursday. Soo there's that. :)

We only have one week left of our Fall Trends link up, and I'm honestly a little sad about it. :( Thank you so much for following along, and for reading and supporting HH. I think you're really gonna like what we have for you next week!

Dress: Posey and Pence last Spring, I also like this and this 
(use my code heatheredhearts20 for 20% off)

Lipstick - Praline Rose LipSense, visit my Facebook page and Instagram for more info. 
You can also email me at heatheredhearts@gmail.com to order.

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