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Happy DECEMBER, loves! I seriously cannot believe it's already the LAST month of 2015. Like, really?! Where does the time go? We're only 30 days away from 2016, that's insane! I hope you all will make the most of your last month this year. I am going to really focus in on my nutrition and training this month, to get closer to my goals and end this year with a bang!

It's definitely getting "cold" here in Southern Utah now! Our cold is different than Northern Utah (where we spent our Thanksgiving.. it was awful ;) haha) but it's cold to us! Although this week it's supposed to be warmer, in the high 50's/low 60's. I'll take it! I'm not complaining one bit. ;) 

Anywho, this striped sweater is perfect for your Holiday shenanigans. It comes in four different colors, and is a pretty dense material so it'll help keep you warm in those freezing cold temperatures out there. Get yourself one and report back how you've liked it!

Check out the sweater from Capital City Boutique. Head over to their Instagram to see all their cute new stuff and find out how to get your hands on this comfy number.

My jeans are Bullhead from PacSun several years ago. But I do love me some Bullhead jeans.. so go check them out!

I love these booties I got on GroopDealz from Forever Young Shoes. I got them in two colors! Groopdealz is a magical, but very dangerous place... Same with Jane. It's bad people... they post NEW DEALS EVERY SINGLE DAY, of super cute, super discounted stuff. I could buy like everything. So be careful, or you'll spend ALL your freakin money. ;) 

Super lovin' all my NYX lip products. Right now I like to use the liqued suede and the soft matte lip cream. I could buy every color. I'm sure I'll end up owning every shade here in the next couple years. It's goood stuff, promise. 

Hope you all have a lovely week! Remember to make it count, we're getting near the end of the year, when everyone starts evaluating their lives and setting goals for the next year. 


xo, Heather

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