Overalls, Please

1:11 PM

I'm so happy that overalls are back "in." When I found this pair of high-waisted overalls at H&M I was ecstatic! I'm a sucker for dark wash and high-waisted things, so these were a gem to find... and they're stretchy! Where can you go wrong?! I also found this cute striped crop top the same trip and loved pairing it with the overalls. 

This hat was just the icing on the cake for me. You all need a good black hat in your life, it's a staple piece you can wear over and over again! And you can never go wrong with a solid pair of white Keds. These are quite often my go-to shoe! They are super cute and comfy and everyone needs at least one pair in their closet. ;)

Um, also, check out this Polaroid camera?! I got it for Christmas last year from Urban Outfitters and I absolutely LOVE it. Polaroids are just so dang much fun, right?? I'd definitely recommend investing in a Polaroid camera to take with you on your adventures. They make for some super cute decorations around your house and in your room.

If any of you ever find a GREAT pair of high-waisted overalls, I'd better be the first person you call. ;) If you're afraid they may not look good on you, just give them a try! I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Overalls: I'm craving thesethese and these from Forever 21!
Crop Top (same, but different patterns)

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